Creation Beyond Front@ IV: Vania Gala: Cooling Down Signs (trailer)
Performance in Bakelit Multiart Center, Budapest, on 30/01/2014

dance improvisation
20 October 2013, Eger, Hungary

dance improvisation
@ festival Front@, Murska Sobota, Slovenija, 31 August 2013

Beyond Front@ film 2013
Edited by Roswitha Chesher
The short film opens a window into the many Beyond Front@ Dance Communication Labs, workshops, rehearsals and performances which have taken place in Austria, Croatia, Hungary, Slovenia and the UK over the past two years.
Created in September 2013 for Beyond Front@ Creation V: In Reference To The Robbers' Cave at Greenwich Dance.

8 Front@ of Contemporary Dance - festival
27 - 31 August 2013, Murska Sobota, Slovenija

Artistic coordinator: Robert Clark (GB)

Elisabeth Barker (GB), Celia Hickey (AT), Marton Csuzi (HU), Zvonimir Kvesić (HR), Kaja Janjić (SI), Hygin Delimat (AT), Iris Dittler (AT), Vera Neubauer (AT), Pawel Dudus (AT)

Musical support :
M E M P L E X (AT)
Nikolaus Dolp, Werner Zangerle, David Six, Lukas Kranzelbinder

Recorded live on 5 February 2013 at OHO in Oberwart, Austria

Elisabeth Barker (GB), Celia Hickey (AT), Marton Csuzi (HU), Kaja Janjić (SI), Zvonimir Kvesić (HR), Ivana Vratarić (HR), Maja Drobac (HR), Bruno Isaković (HR)

Artistic coordinator:
Irma Omerzo (HR)

Bojan Gagić (HR)

Recorded live on 14 October 2012 at Zagreb Dance Center, Zagreb, Croatia

Celia Hickey (AT), Elisabeth Barker(GB), Kaja Janjić (SI), Marton Csuzi (HU), Zvonimir Kvesić (HR), Alja Ferjan (SI), Maja Kalafatić (SI), Beno Novak (SI), Jan Rozman (SI)

Drums: Sergej Randjelović (SI)
Piano: Marton Csuzi (HU)

Video: Matej Kolmanko (SI)

Recorded live on 1 September in Murska Sobota, Slovenija at 7 Front@ festival.